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PC requirements for PUBG bluestacks

In this post, I will tell what is PC requirements for PUBG bluestacks. Many YouTubers and bloggers are saying that with bluestacks you can run PUBG on any PC with Bluestacks but that is not true and you can not play PUBG on any PC.


I noticed that Bluestacks not run on all PCs. Bluestacks have some requirements. If bluestacks runs perfectly on your PC than PUBG will also run perfectly on your PC. Down below I write basic requirements for Bluestacks.


Ram is the most important part in any PCs. If your PCs is very old then definitely your are using your pc with low ram like 1 or 2 GB ddr2 or ddr3 storage which is not enough to run bluestacks on your PC.

Minimum ram requirement is 4 GB ram and it is must if you want to run PUBG on your PC. It is better if your PC have DDR4 ram socket another wise you can also use DDR3 ram.


A processor is another main component in your PC and if your using your PC without graphics card than you should have a good processor.

For smooth gameplay, you should have a  Quad core CPU or a graphics card in your PC. If your Processor comes with great integrated Graphics than there is no need of a GPU.

Graphics Card 

GPU ( Graphics Processing Unit) is not an important part for normal PC users but it is required for gaming PCs. But you can use bluestacks without a graphics card. If you good CPU than GPU is not required for Bluestacks.

List of Budget CPUs to run PUBG on Bluestacks without a graphics card.
  • Ryzen3
  • Ryzen5
  • Intel  I3 (6,7 or 8 gen)
Any higher CPU like I5  can easily run PUBG on bluestacks with A GPU. 

Minimum requirements
CPU -  i3 or ryzen 3 or any other CPU with 4 cores
GPU -  Not required
Ram - 4 GB

For High FPS

CPU - i5,i7, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7
GPU -  GT 710 or any another 2GB DDR5 GPU

How to enable 8 ball pool long line hack for PC

Hello everyone, In this post, I will tell you how you enable  8 ball pool long line hack on pc. Many people face a problem that they are unable to hack 8 ball pool on Pc.

8 ball pool long stick hack

How does this hack work?

This hack helps you to hack your 8 ball pool game line. After enabling this hack you can see your line's length is bigger than a normal stick and this hack helps you to find the best targets for your ball. Moreover, this hack also shows your opponent's shots length.

The best things about this hack

8 ball pool long line hack helps you hack your 8 ball pool account without disabling your account. As compared to other hacks this hack not harm your account on the other side if you use another hack than your account can be disabled and also can be closed permanently or suspended.
This problem mainly faced by android phone user when they hack any 8 ball pool account using their rooted android phone because mini clip team easily detect these type of hacks on Android phones.

what are the Disadvantages of this hack?

First of all, in some cases specially on older Pc's like pc with core or with AMD's old processor's gameplay become slow and you are unable to play comfortably. Secondly your also unable to enable this hack on the newer version of 8 ball pool, so if your using an old version than this hack will not work so make sure that your using older version of 8 ball pool. You can easily switch to the older version.

If you want to enable 8 ball pool long line on pc you should have the latest browser. This work with chrome and also with firefox but in certain conditions this not work on chrome browser so if this method doesn't work with chrome than you have to use firefox

This does not work with opera browser and also with internet explorer. so before enabling this please check that your using browsers like chrome or firefox.

How to enable 8 ball pool long line hack for PC

Now you right settings and browser so let start.

First of all, download given files from given link below

Cheat engine Download!

8 ball pool hack file Download!

This pack contains a  cheat engine and also an 8 ball long line hack file. Both files are required to enable 8 ball pool long stick hack. so download both files.

Downloading these files Install cheat engine by following simple steps. After installation open 8  ball poll long line hack file. Please note that not open cheat engine because cheat cannot do anything.
In some cases, people face missing DLL file error so just cut that file after this your chat engine will open. So don't worry if you're facing this error on your pc. If you face this error than this hack will not work with chrome, so you have to use firefox.

After all, this opens your browser type or and search for 8 ball pool. Now, wait until your game opens completely. Please note that your game should be open completely after loading completed.

8 ball pool long stick hack

Moreover, you can not enable hack while gameplay so makes sure that you're on the main screen.

Now open 8 ball pool hack file
8 ball pool long stick hack
Now select browser and wait until waiting changed into flash player plugin.

8 ball pool long stick hack

Now click on long line 100% and click on enable selected

8 ball pool long stick hack

Now play your game. Now your hack is enabled. For better use of 8 ball pool long line hack read best ways to use section. 

8 ball pool long stick hack

There is a problem with 8 ball pool newer version that is slow for those computers which are slow and don't have a GPU. So if you want to play 8 ball pool's newer version on your computer than make sure that your using a graphics card another wise your computer becomes slow and you are unable to play 8 ball pool comfortably.

The newer version of 8 ball pool contains many new features and the new style of game

Best ways to use this hack

This method not only works with this hack but an effective way to play 8 ball pool. Many people use 8 ball pool long line but they do not know how to play the game with hack perfectly. So in this, I will also tell you how you can use this hack and increase your winning ranking.
Place your cursor next to the target ball for better use of 8  ball pool long line hack. This method will help you to set a better target for your ball in a better way.
Also, try this hack with a good mouse pad.

If you have any question or you face problem while enabling 8 ball pool long line hack than you can ask in the comment section.

PC requirements for PUBG bluestacks

In this post, I will tell what is PC requirements for PUBG bluestacks. Many YouTubers and bloggers are saying that with bluestacks you can ...